The Akemi Concept is product of 5 versatile young professionals who have specialized in diverse avenues of design. It provides a client with a synergy of creative energy and modern technology to help them reach out to new experiences.  We are interested in approaching the fundamental problems of space, proportion, culture, modernism versus tradition, light and materiality, and tailoring then to defining a companies image rather than purely being subjected to a style. Our primary objective is to provide a responsive, friendly and professional service, tailored to the requirements of each client and to deliver quality results regardless of commission size or type. We seek to develop a designs which serves the needs and aspirations of the space users, addresses its physical and cultural context and allows effective solutions for procurement and construction. Our work includes all types of planning and design and our range of services extends from acting as consultants, providing strategic advice on development, regeneration and conservation, to providing full design services from inception to completion. We believe that high quality designs results from a continuity of the design process and intensive dialogue between the client, other consultants, contractors, and of course the end user. The goal of these dialogues are in the production of a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration in the finished spaces.